St. Olaf

The Greater Milwaukee Women of the ELCA held their 2013 Convention at St. Olaf Lutheran Church on October 12. Workshops included "Face to Face with the Bishop," where participants were able to listen to what Bishop Jeff Barrow had to say about our Synod. Churchwide Representative Gwen Edwards provided information on the work of the ELCA, and also presented a workshop in Katie Luther. And Pastor Matthew Lee provided a workshop offering our women instruction on self-defense and how to stay safe in their surroundings.

BannerThree SWO Board members were elected, and we welcome back Betty Warber, Sue Seidemann and Gayle Cameron, who were reelected. We bid farewell to Carol Gilmore, Donna Hallada and Laura Lee and thank them for their dedicated service to our organization.

Delegates were also elected to represent us at the Ninth Triennial Convention in July, 2014. These delegates include Caitlin Vang (Woman of Color or primary language other than English), Char Guiliana (First time delegate), Carole Ropel (Triennial Promoter), Marilyn Day and Mary Ellen Kiesner. Betty Warber will also serve as delegate by virture of her office as President. In the event one of these ladies is not able to attend, alternates are LaWonda Johnson-Boyles, Elaine Monis, Borgne McClelland and Nancy Sack.

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